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North West Tippers clocks up 38 years using EDBRO tipping gears

Today, 38-years later, the company is still using Edbro equipment exclusively, due to its quality and reliability.

 North West Tippers may have been unchanging in its use of Edbro equipment, but in most other areas the company has changed radically. It is this ability to adapt to changing market conditions and demands that has enabled the company to survive and thrive over nearly four-decades.

 North West specialises in commercial vehicle builds, from 3.5 -32 tonne, but also has extensive knowledge of cranes, tipping gears and all vehicular hydraulics. “We deal with single vehicle companies to multi- national public limited companies, so no matter how large or small a company we will endeavour to meet its requirements,” said Joe Butler, grandson of the founder, who now runs North West Tippers with his business partner, Craig Taylor.

North West’s ability to evolve in competitive markets is evidenced by the company’s newly developed state –of- the- art LIGHT WEIGHT and ULTRA STRONG tipping bodies. Designed in high tensile steel or Aluminium, these units are designed to meet the requirements and expectations of the widest range of transport companies today and into the future. Joe Butler again: “We have our own 2D/3D computer aided design service, which enables us to design and build to bespoke customer designs, encapsulating the end user’s own ideas of what is required.”

In common with all North West Tipper designs, the latest LIGHT WEIGHT and ULTRA STRONG tipping bodies use Edbro tipping gear. “We specify Edbro as standard and have done since the company began,” said Joe Butler. “We have a very good relationship with Edbro, and don’t believe that there is a better range of tipping gear available. Edbro products are reliable, and their cost reflects their quality….they last.”

 North West Tippers uses a wide range of Edbro products, including the new lightweight CX series of tipping cylinders, the lightest on the market, providing a saving of up to 230 kg per tip; the TS series, a new generation of twin underfloor hoists for 6 and 8 wheeler trucks; the high performance UB series underbody telescopic hoists for tipper and crane applications; and Hooklift products for lightweight and powerful operation.

“North West Tippers and Edbro are ‘partners in quality,” said Peter Smith Sales & Marketing Director of Edbro, “North West Tippers is a success story, due to its ability to evolve and meet changing market demands. This is also the core of Edbro’s success: looking not just to today, but what is around the corner. It is this foresight, plus innovative quality of manufacture, and product reliability, that has enabled us to remain the leader in our market and meet North West’s requirements for nearly 40-years. With our latest investments and initiatives, we are now looking forward with confidence to working with North West for another four decades.”


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