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Roadside Vehicle Checks for Commercial Vehicle Drivers


Did you know that as a commercial vehicle operator/driver you may well be asked to stop by the police or a specialised Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA Officer). They have the authority to stop Lorries, Buses and Coaches and this includes commercial tipper bodies.

Spot checks can be carried out on your vehicle and if anything is found to be not right then you will receive penalties and prohibitions may be issued if necessary. When stopped however, all VOSA officers will be wearing a yellow visability jacket with the VOSA Logo and you should ask them to show you their VOSA warrant.

When you are stopped then the officer will check that the vehicle isnít breaking any regulations and these are checks carried out at the roadside or dedicated testing sites in order to keep any unsafe vehicles off the road.

They will check the commercial vehicle authorised load weights and type load permitted along with also checking that the vehicle is roadworthy and not suffering from any technical faults.

In addition to this they may request to see your tacograph records to ensure that you havenít drove the vehicle for longer than what is legally allowed and may also want to see that you have a valid driving licence.

Choosing not to stop is an offence and therefore the incident will be recorded and you will be asked to interview at a later date where you could face court action or be reported to a traffic commissioner.

If you are worried and carrying a high value load then you can choose to keep your engine running, doors and windows locked and windows fully closed until you are sure it is a legitimate VOSA Officer.

It is vital that all commercial vehicles and their commercial bodies are kept well maintained and in full working order free from faults in order to ensure no penalty or action is taken against the driver or your company.

North West Tippers Ltd provide customers with full services should you require your tipper bodies and commercial vehicles to be checked.

In addition to this we also carry out maintenance and repair work. For more information why not give us a call on 01254 53251 Ė alternatively send your enquiry to

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