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North West Tippers Ltd can handle any need for servicing or repair on any commercial vehicle body, truck or lorry. We have a fully trained service and maintenance team who are on hand to help and with their vast amount of experience and knowledge we make servicing and repair work a simple process so your vehicle is back on the road in no time!

We offer specialist services for engines, transmissions, steering and braking systems and what is more if you do not know your current fault then we can run various diagnostic tests which will locate any faults and then work out a solution to fix these.

How important is it to ensure your vehicle is well maintained?

By carrying out regular checks on your vehicle and ensuring that it is well maintained you can avoid any downtime or unexpected repairs later down the line. We have highlighted some key things to check on your commercial vehicle:

  • Tyre Check
  • Vehicle Fluid Check  
  • Battery Check
  • Lights Check
  • Visual Check

Regular commercial vehicle servicing

We offer a full range of servicing packages which range from:-

  • 3 monthly servicing
  • 6 monthly servicing
  • Yearly servicing

Depending on what the commercial vehicle is used for, how frequently and how heavy this usage is will depend on what servicing package we would recommend to our customers.

It is vital that you routinely service any vehicle in line with advice from the vehicle manufacturer and all the information you require can be found in the owner’s manual.

Speak to our team today about servicing and repairs and see what we can do in order to help keep your commercial vehicles on the road! Call us on 01254 53251 or email


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