Vehicle Modification


Commercial Vehicle Modification

Are you a company who has a large fleet of commercial vehicles which are no longer efficient or suitable for their required purpose?

If this is you and you cannot afford to replace the whole fleet or even if you have one or a small amount of commercial vehicles which could be better utilised then why not consider commercial vehicle modification.

North West Tippers Ltd has found that for many companies it can be more cost effective and beneficial for them to make modifications to exiting vehicles rather than purchasing a brand new range. We can take the design of your existing commercial vehicle and then find out what it is you need from the vehicle before providing you with a full specification on how we can modify your commercial vehicle.

Custom Modifications

As we build up relationships with the companies we work with we have noted that many of them now come back to us for commercial vehicle modification as the tasks they are required to fulfil on a daily basis change.  We can replace entire tipper bodies or simply make small changes and adaptations to the current tipper body.

All of our new builds and commercial vehicle modifications are designed and built to the highest of standards. No corners are cut during our manufacturing process and we will never use inferior materials so all of our work is robust and long lasting.

Our Expert Team

Currently we are fully equipped and have highly experienced engineers so we are able to handle and tackle a large range of unusual projects. If you have an unusual project in mind or even if it is just standard commercial vehicle modifications then please do not hesitate to contact us and see how we can help you today.

North West Tippers Ltd are contacted regularly by customers who are not sure whether we can offer them the specific service or product they require. If you are in doubt then simply give us a call, if we cannot help you then with our experience within the industry we will probably be able to point you in the direction of someone who can.

Speak to our friendly team today on 01254 53251 or email us directly at

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