Highway Maintenance Vehicles

Highway Maintenance Vehicles

Highway Maintenance vehicles are used across the country every single day for a wide range of tasks. As they are frequently used on busy roads the danger presented when these vehicles are in use is considerably increased. With this in mind it is important that all highway maintenance vehicles are designed, manufactured and even marked correctly.

Key Considerations

When thinking about purchasing or manufacturing a highway maintenance vehicle there are certain things you must consider, as mentioned above these are vehicles which are going to be intentionally stopped on high speed roads for inspections and actual work to be carried out.

Different vehicles do require different markings but one thing that will remain the same is that ALL highway maintenance vehicles must be appropriately marked. We are going to discuss specifically vans, pickups, tippers, HGVs and trucks as this is where our area of expertise lies. We would design and manufacture the tipper body or the HGV body and then what we would do is incorporate the correct signage to this as part of their design.

North West Tippers Ltd would take care of this on your behalf and you can rest assured that when the highway maintenance vehicle is supplied to you it will feature all required markings.

What Markings Are Required For A Highway Maintenance Vehicle?

You will have seen a highway maintenance vehicle without a doubt as these are vehicles which are made to be noticed. The markings must be on the rear of the vehicle and will need to compromise of the following:-

Chevron Markings

Chevron Markings

Chevron Markings must be applied and these must be alternate strips of fluorescent red retro-reflective material and then fluorescent yellow non retro-reflective material of not less than 150mm width each, included at a 45-60 degree to the horizontal and pointing in an upwards direction.

Solid Block

Solid Block

The alternative is that you have a solid block of fluorescent orange-red retro reflective material. These markings must cover as much of the rear facing panel of the vehicle as is possible without obviously obscuring any windows, lighting or registration plates. Red retro-reflective tape then needs to be applied to all rear facing edges of the doors, rails or any storage facilities on the vehicle.

Our Clients

We have already supplied a number of Highway Maintenance Vehicles to some of the industry’s leading companies. In addition to this we have also worked alongside a number of councils and governing bodies to ensure that their highway maintenance vehicles are of the correct standard.

For more information then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01254 53251 or email info@nwtippers.co.uk and speak to our friendly team today.

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